My opa's old Minolta has been as much of a wise old man to me as he was. Life through a lens doesn't just expose what you thought was so well hidden - shooting film literally forces you to press pauze and exhale. It is never dull. Stories unravel in development: pre-conceived narratives are discarded and reconstructed, just as documentary film's true backbone often doesn't reveal itself until the cutting room stages. 
I have always been interested in the human side to esthetics. Perhaps that unsuccesfull stint in Social Psychology did stick around. I adore 'old country', cities and landscapes that almost allow you to hear history sigh if you just listen closely. These are the places that attract me most - the ones that are at once dramatic and intimate and that always feel strangely familiar, even if we have never encountered them before. 
I am a self-taught photographer from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I specialise in (analogue) travel- and documentary photography and portraits. Clients: Spotted By Locals; Momondo | Places; The Amsterdam Art Fund; Fotogram and more.
August 2013: 'Flumen', De Balie, Amsterdam
September 2013: 'Flumen', Nassauveste, Amsterdam
September 2016: 'Sven' and 'Coney Island', Fotovakschool, Amsterdam 
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